We are environmentally malnourished.

The places in which we flourish—in which we are most ourselves, where we have our most insightful musings, our grandest creations, our most soothing recoveries, our most tedious sprints, and our most balanced living—are rarely in an office.

Our bodies insist they want to be elsewhere.

We’ve a mismatch between the environments in which we thrive and the ones we’ve built for ourselves. Our offices are not in tune with our biology.

Many of our workplaces and cultures inadvertently squash our ability to do what is expected of us—and to fulfill what we dream of doing. We’re eating environmental fast food; it keeps us full, but it’s slowly making us sick.

We spend most of our time at work, dedicated to meaningful causes bigger than ourselves. The grandest results come from offices and cultures that support our wellbeing and efforts. When we’re healthy, we can devote our energy and whimsy to making unparalleled wonders.

We want to do more. Be more. Help more. And we’re challenged regularly and relentlessly in doing so. But we should be challenged by our work, not our environment. What if our environment could support our health and efforts?